Most Haunted?

Man, last night I chose to sleep in the nightmute gymnasium alone while my teammates slept in the classrooms. Back of my head I kept thinking, “Don’t people get haunted when they sleep alone at high schools?” I brushed my thoughts off and proceeded to sleep alone. I was tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position for a good hour. I had my show on on my laptop, almost falling asleep. When I finally almost fell asleep I awoke to foot steps coming toward me.  I didn’t think nothing of it because I had forgotten I was sleeping alone in the gymnasium. Then I heard him digging through my stuff, then I woke up quickly. While I was turning my head towards my stuff I said “Hey!” But then there was no one by me and realized I was sleeping alone. Then I thought in my head “ I should move to the boys room” But then I thought they’d laugh at me and say “He was scared”. So I said in my head “man up butter cup”, so at some point I finally fell asleep. In the morning , one of my teammates woke me up and right when I got up I got very startled when I saw him cause I thought he was a ghost😂. I was bothered all morning thinking, “did I experience a haunting?” Kept think and thinking and thinking, then I realized I had my computer on, and the sound from the movie I was watching coincided with my dream😂. I laughed and and told my teammates about it and he said “you wouldn’t get haunted! They blessed the gym when we got here.”  😂 But the weird part was my suit case was opened and some stuff were out
good night friends

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